Composition-As per revised accreditation framework in November, 2017 Version 5 dated 12/01/2018 (23/05/2018)

Sr. No. Designation Name
1 Chairperson Dr. Priya D. Wanjari
2 Teachers to represent all level 1. Dr. Shrikant R. Pajankar
2. Dr. Prachi A. Rode
3. Dr. Shrikant M. Sontakke
3 One Member from the Management Shri Dinesh G. Wanjari
4 Few Senior Administrative Officers 1. Shri Krishna Sawade
2. Dr. Sheikh Shabbir
3. Dr. Urmila Dabir
5 One Nominee each from Local Society, Students and Alumni 1. Shri Yash D. Wanjari
2. Shri Aniket Patil
3. Shri Praful Kamdi
6 One Nominee each from Employers/industrialists/Stakeholders 1. Shri Ram G. Wanjari
2. Dr. Vishwas Dashputra
3. Shri Anil Kaisar
7 One of the Senior Teachers as the Coordinator/Director of the IQAC Dr. Neehal R. Sheikh

Important Activities Undertaken

1.Awareness Workshop on NAAC Revised Assessment and Accreditation

A one day workshop on Revised Guidelines of NAAC for Assessment & Accreditation was organized by IQAC on 15th March, 2018. Workshop was conducted by Dr. Urmila Dabir, IQAC Member and Panelist, NAAC Peer Team. All the staff members actively participated in the workshop.

2.Green Audit

Growth of any industry, organization or institution and any human activity is always associated with one or the other impact on ecology. Even the way we conserve and utilize resources has a major impact on ecology and environment. Our college has implemented eco-friendly practices to manage the available resources and has taken steps in environmental conservation and protection. As a part of such practice, Green Audit was conducted from 04/04/2018 to 06/04/2018 by Sustainability Solutions. Mr. Swapnil Thanekar, a Certified Energy Auditor (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) conducted the audit.

3.Workshop on Awaken your Creative Mind

To achieve some major breakthrough in the way of working, a workshop on “Awaken your Creative Mind “ was organized by IQAC. Workshop was conducted by Rohini Nair, Certified NLP Master Coach & Personal Development Specialist and Pratish Nair, Certified NLP Master Coach & Wealth Mastery Coach.

4.ICT Workshop

To make efficient use of ICT among teaching and non-teaching staff , an ICT workshop was organized by IQAC. Workshop was conducted by Mr.Mahesh Chonde, an IT Professional.

Future plans

Inculcation of quality culture

Accountability of services provided

Setting standards for academic excellence

Use of research for the benefit of society

Organization of extension activities for upliftment of rural areas and women