Programs Offered

1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A. -Marathi Medium)

2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com- Marathi Medium)

3. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.- English Medium)

4. Bachelor of Science – B.Sc.

Groups Available

  • Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
  • Chemistry, Zoology, Botany
  • Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology
  • Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology
  • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Biotechnology, Microbiology, Chemistry

5. Bachelor of Computer Applications –B.C.A.

6. Bachelor of Commerce (Computer Applications )-B.C.C.A.

7. Bachelor of Business Administration –B.B.A.

8. Master of Arts (M.A. English)

9. Master of Commerce (M.Com. English Medium)

10. Master of Science (Chemistry)

11. Master of Science (Microbiology)