Infrastructure and Other Facilities

Infrastructure and Other Facilities


Santaji Mahavidyalaya has a very good infrastructure which includes spacious class-rooms, well-equipped laboratories with fire extinguishers, excellent sports facilities, broadband connectivity and a very well setup library. Also it has installed a high power generator to tackle the problem of load shedding.

Other Facilities

Locational Advantages

The geography of an institution makes a greater impact on the college life of a student. Santaji Mahavidyalaya is located in the heart of the city. Bus stop, auto-stand and up-coming metro station are just few meters away from the college. This makes the life of a student easy as for as commuting is concerned.

Academic facilities

For smooth conduct of online classes, college has EdFly Learn software which opens an easy, user-friendly portal to educators and students to engage in E- learning and helps the management body to monitor performance seamlessly. Important feature of this software is that it stores the recordings of live lectures which enables students to replay lectures and carefully review the material they need to succeed

Qualified, experienced and dedicated subject teachers

A well established library

Fully equipped laboratories

Availability of internet

ICT supported teaching and learning

Coaching for competitive examinations during the college timings in the college premisis itself

Medical Facilty

For any medical exigency, the college has stacked all essential medicines with periodical checking of expiry dates.

Cultural Facilty

Cultural activities gives students an opportunity to exhibit non academic talents and also fosters the all-round development of a student. For this, the college has a well equipped and spacious cultural room with all required instruments.

Canteen Facility

Canteen is a very important facility for students and staff members. Santaji College has a good canteen which provides healthy food. Environment in and around canteen is hygienic & healthy.


To make essential stationery materials available to students and staff, college has set up a co-operative stationery and xerox centre in the college premises.