Career Katta has been initiated jointly by the Maharashtra Information Technology Support Centre (MITSC) and Maharashtra State Higher and Technical Department. The prime objective is to provide value-added skilled human resources. The programme ‘Udyojak Aaplya Bhetila’ has been launched to encourage the student to have entrepreneurial skills and to appear in competitive examinations in order to become administrative officers. An IAS or a successful entrepreneur is invited to guide the students in order to encourage them and boost their self confidence. A fee of Rs. 365/- is charged for the duration of three years. The video lectures are provided through its YouTube channel. Model Skill Development Centre and Centre for Excellence are also extremely beneficial for the students. It also provides the 50 skill-based courses.
The Santaji College Portal has made available the link of youtube channel named Uva Jagar Abhiyan. Bhartiya Sanvidhaanache Parayan, Vruttapatra Vedh, etc.have been linked with this channel.

Link to download the Carer Katta App

Facebook link of Career Katta

List of 50 Add On Courses

1) Python Programming
2) Python for AI/ML
3) Python for web Development
4) Cloud computing
5) Devops
6) Data analytics with tableau and power BI
7) Social Media Profile Management
8) Financial Literacy
9) Event Management
10) Fund Flow Management

11) Communication Skill & Personality Development
13) Road Safety and Awareness Training
14) परदेशीनोकरीच्यासंधीआणिव्यक्तिमत्वविकास
15) Foundation Course in Business Law
16) माहितीअधिकारकायदाप्रशिक्षण
17) Soft Skill Training Program
18) Certificate Course in Human Right
19) Certificate Course in Journalism
20) Communication Skill Program
21) Content Writing Course
22) Basic of Cost & Works Accounting
23) E- Filling
24) Soft Skill Development
25) Introduction to Basic Concept of Accounting
26) Digital Banking
27) Digital Marketing
28) Political Ethics and Value
29) Leadership Development
30) Literacy about Judicial Process
31) Constitutional Values and Ethics
32) Certificate in Office Administration
33) Certificate in Training Management
34) Organic Farming
35) Fruits and Vegetables Drying Dehydration and
36) Certificate course in World Politics
37) Certificate course in Rural Development
38) Scientific Temperament
39) Green Chemistry
40) Renewable Energy
41) Nanotechnology
42) Biotechnology
43) Medical Lab Technology
44) Nano Biotechnology
45) Introduction to Forensic Science
46) Tourism Management
47) Forensic Accounting
48) Cyber Law
49) Office Management
50) Consumer Protection Act 2019