The LRC came to existence with the inception of the college in the year 1971. Only a handful of books were available at the beginning. Later on, the LRC put the focus on versatile collection development and very shortly it achieved the same.
The LRC has the vision to develop ICT – Driven Centre which provides the most user-friendly environment for learning, teaching and research so that the LRC becomes the centre of scholarly activities in the college for all streams. The increasing reliance on electronic resources leads to a shift towards access to information rather than storage. This requires an information infrastructure which satisfies today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands so that the researchers can spend less time searching for information and more time upon output and experimentation.
The Learning Resource Centre is situated on the ground floor and 1st floor of the college. It has a spacious Reading Room and Stack Room. The collection of books is arranged according to space availability and student’s convenience.

For detailed Library Resources pl visit the following link

Library Resources


Ms. Manisha D.Patil
Head of the Department

Subscribed E- Resources

Sr. No. E-Resources Started from URL
1 Delnet E –Resources Consortium 2010 Onwards
2 Nlist- Inflibnet E –Resources Consortium 2011 Onwards
5 Pragati : Journal of Indian Economy 2020 Onwards
6 Vision : Journal of Indian Taxation 2020 Onwards
7 Focus : Journal of International Business 2020 Onwards
8 Mudra: Journal of Finance and Accounting 2020 Onwards
9 Manthan: Journals of Commerce and Management 2020 Onwards

Open Access Web-Resources

Sr. No. Web-Resources URL
5 Epgpathashala
6 National Digital Library
7 Swayam Online Courses
8 National Repository of Open Educational Resources
9 Khan Academy
10 Cosmolearning


 Circulation of Reading Resources

 Book Issue on Deposit

 Interlibrary Loan Service

 Reference and Information Service

 Book Bank Service

 Newspaper Clipping Online and Offline

 Downloading , Surfing & Printing

 Information Display

 Reprographic Service (On Demand)

 Online and Offline Content Alert Service

 Information delivery through Whatsapp ,E-mail and Google Group

 Assistance for Audio Textbook and General Book to Visually Impaired Students.


  Book Bank Scheme
Three books will be issued to first three toppers and two books will be issued to two economically weak students in a class under this scheme.

 Deposit Scheme
The student will be issued books on deposit for the exam after clearance.

  Deposit Scheme for External Students
Those who are not the student of the college but want to issue the book from our library can also be enrolled under this scheme and the book will be issued on deposit.

  Issue Scheme for Competitive Exam Aspirants
Those who are preparing for a competitive exam will be issued two competitive exam books under this scheme.

  Issue Scheme for Research Scholars
Five books will be issued under this scheme for research

  Scheme for Physically Disabled Students
Those who are physically disabled will be enrolled under this scheme and three books will be issued.


  Library Manual in QR Code (e-copy and print-copy)

  Internet Connectivity (Broad Band and Wifi)

  Spacious Reading Room

  OPAC ( Online Public Access Catalogue )

  Institutional Repository

  Individual Reading Carrel

  Reading Room for Research

  Reading Room for Competitive Exam Study

  Bar coding


  NVDA Software for Visually Impaired students

  Web OPAC




  ‘ National Book Review Competition ’ has been organised on the occasion of Reading Inspiration day. Students should make a video on the review of a book of Biography /Autobiography /best selling descent book and submit to till 14/10/2021

 12/08/2021 – Celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Dr S.R.Ranganathan and National Librarians Day

  29/07/2021 -International Webinar on ‘Enhancing Research Competence to attain Impact, Visibility and Citation’ organized by RSTM Nagpur University recognized Place of Higher Learning and Research and Learning Resource Centre

  19/06/2021 – 25/06/2021 – Virtual Book Exhibition

 19/06/2021 : Webinar on ” Covid 19 Infection, Prevention and Control”on the occasion of Reading Day. Dr Abijeet Amaikar, General Physician imparted his knowledge

  14/05/2021 -Webinar on State Bank of India Junior Associates Exam

  23/02/2021 – Workshop on Quality Enhancement of E-Learning and E- Content Creation


 18/02/2021 : Webinar on Guidance and Preparation of Common Entrance Test for entry to pre –IAS Training Centre, Nagpur

 10/12/2020 – Webinar on Information Literacy

  21/10/2020 – Online Orientation

  15/10/2020 – Celebration of Reading Inspiration Day

 12/08/2020 – Celebration of National Librarians Day and Birth Anniversary of Dr S. R. Ranganathan


 online test on Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi “My Experiment with Truth” on 28/02/2020 Under Mentor-Mentee Scheme of RUSA in collaboration with Rajkumar Kewalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur and Annasaheb Gundewar College, Nagpur.

 The Santaji Mahavidyalaya, Rajkumar Kewalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya, and Annasaheb Gundewar College had jointly organized Workshop on “Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and his Social Thought” on 25th Feb 2020 under the Mentor-Mentee Scheme of RUSA.

 Book Exhibition on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi from 3rd Oct to 5th Oct 2019

  Information Literacy Training – 01 Oct 2019 for teaching and non teaching staff.

 Birth Anniversary of DR. S.R. Ranganathan (Father of Library Science) on -09-08-2019

 Library Orientation on 10-07-2019


 Information Literacy Training – 26th March 2019:Library Dept had organized the Information Literacy Training program for teaching and non teaching staff.

 Exhibition of Books – On the occasion of Reading Inspiration Day: (15 Oct 2018)
The Library Department organized Exhibition of Books on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam to celebrate Reading Inspiration Day.

 Orientation: 18th Sept to 19th 2018:

Orientation Program for fresher students of the College


 Earn with Learn Scheme: College serves the job under “earn with learn scheme” for needy students during the vacation. Miss. Jayshri Shubhash Turak (B.Com- II) has completed 30 working days job in Library Department under the “Earn with Learn Scheme” (From 7th May 2018 to 15th June 2018) at this Institute.

 Information Literacy Training: 28th March 2018

Awards to Students

  Miss Jayshree Turak :2017-18

Best Reader of the Year Award In Memory of Late Shri. Dhanraj Patil

  Jayshri Turak : 2016-17

Best Reader of the Year Award In Memory of Late Shri. Dhanraj Patil

  Pinky Rangalal Thakre : 2015-16

Best Reader of the Year Award In Memory of Late Shri. Dhanraj Patil

  Jyoti Indrajeet Gupta : 2014-15

  Visual Impaired Students using ABRAR

Extra Achievements and Involvement of Faculty

 Invited as a Guest Speaker by Chitnavis Centre

Sir Gangadharrao Chitnavis Memorial Medical Research Trust had invited Mrs Manisha Patil to deliver the guest lecture to hearing impaired and visually impaired students on competitive exam preparation with the help of Interpreter

  Received Best Research Paper Award

  Delivered Guest Lectures


Mrs Manisha Patil is a life member of Manlinbet, New Delhi (Management Library Network)


Sr. No. MOU Signed Name of Institution Purpose
1 2007 Dhanwate National College To lend and borrow the books & other reading material to fulfill the needs of users
2 2007 Rajkumar Kewalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya To lend and borrow the books & other reading material to fulfill the needs of users
3 2009 Shivaji Science College To lend and borrow the books & other reading material to fulfill the needs of users
4 2010 Delnet Database (National MOU) To borrow the books and other reading material from any library across the India to fulfill the needs of users
5 2011 Principal Arunrao Kalode Mahavidyalaya To lend and borrow the books & other reading material to fulfill the needs of users
6 2011 Renuka College To lend and borrow the books & other reading material to fulfill the needs of users
7 2013 Shree Niketan Kala-Vanijya Mahavidyalaya To lend and borrow the books & other reading material to fulfill the needs of users