Avishkar-2016 Stage II held on 18th OCT

One day workshop on "Women harassment at workplace" on 27/02/2017

NAAC VISIT 16-17-18/03/2017

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Students of “Rotract Club” of Santaji Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur participated in Nirmalya Collection at Futala Lake on 23rd September, 2018


Political Science

This subject has been taught in the college since 1971 political science is very important from the point of view of competitive exams. It enlightens us about the administration and politics . The under graduate students choose this subject for their post graduation.



Since 1971 History has been taught in the college. It enables the students to know about the history of their state. This knowledge empowers them for self employment in the tourism industry. The department also aims at guiding the students for competitive exams. So many of the undergraduates opt this subject for their post graduation.


This subject has been taught in the college since 1971 the subject of economics gives knowledge to the students about banking, various schemes of the government, International  trade , economic development and self employment. The knowledge of this subject helps us in our day to day money transactions and for competitive exams. Many under graduate students opt for this subject in their post graduation .


Marathi and Marathi literature have been taught in the college since 1971. As Marathi is the state language, its importance in the educational field cannot be under estimated. There is an impact of language and literature on a person’s life since his childhood. A thorough knowledge of Marathi also helps the students in better understanding of other subjects. Marathi and Marathi literature are important for all competitive exams.

Home Economics

The subject of Home economics has an unlimited scope as it is closely concerned with effective home management. Presently this subject is very popular among the girl students. Knowledge of this subject enables the women to perform their respective roles efficiently. It also teaches love. Cooperation. Moral, Cultural and social values. Women can successfully cater to the physical and mental health of the family.

                The subject of home economics helps the house wife to improve the standard of living of her family by creating self employment like running   crèche, playschools,conselling centers for children, boutique , bougnet making, tiffin centers etc.