Avishkar-2016 Stage II held on 18th OCT

One day workshop on "Women harassment at workplace" on 27/02/2017

NAAC VISIT 16-17-18/03/2017

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Students of “Rotract Club” of Santaji Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur participated in Nirmalya Collection at Futala Lake on 23rd September, 2018


Central Library:

The college has a well furnished library with 23,277 books and 4150 reference books ,mazines and journals for students and teachers.

Message from the desk of the Librarian

Dear Users,

The Central Library is a well equipped library. Since its inception in 1971, the Central Library (CL) has a vision to become enriched and ICT –Driven Centre of excellence which provides the most user-friendly environment for learning, teaching and research. The Central Library aims at becoming the centre of scholarly activities in the college for all streams. The increasing reliance on electronic resources leads to a shift towards access of information rather than storage. This requires an information infrastructure which satisfies today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands so that the researchers can spend less time searching for information and more time upon output and experimentation.


About Central Library:

CL is situated on the 2nd floor of Santaji Mahavidyalaya. It has a spacious Reading Room and Stack Room. The collection of books is arranged according to space availability and student’s convenience. Central Library is broadly divided into the following sections:

  1. Administration & Acquisition Section
  2. Textbooks & Periodicals Section
  3. E-Library ( IT Hub ), Reference Book & Research Section
  4. Competitive Books, References & General Books section
  5. Circulation & Processing Section


Collection & Services:

Central Library has a total collection of 35878 books, 2220 Competitive Exam books and 4100 Reference books, 24 Journals and Magazines, 08 Newspapers including weeklies. We provide these resources to our students through various services such as: circulation, reference and information service, CAS, Content Alert Service, Display Service, online and offline newspaper clipping service, Inter library loan service, downloading and printing service, reprographic service, Whatsapp & E-mail service etc.


Journals and Magazines:

                     24 Periodicals are available in Library



                                                                 APPLIED MATHEMATICS,

                                                           2.   IAENG INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF  

                                                                 COMPUTER SCIENCE



                                                           4.   INDIAN JOURNAL OF FINANCE

                                                           5.   INDIAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY

                                                           6.   MEDICINAL & AROMATICAL PLANTS   


                                                           7.   CURRENT SCIENCE

                                                           8.   RESONANCE

                                                           9.   WORLD FOCUS

                                                           10.  MOTIFS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 

                                                                  OF ENGLISH STUDIES (Online & Print)

                                                           11.  ARTH PRABANDH: A JOURNAL OF 

                                                                  ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT (Online)



                                                           13. PRATIYOGITA DARPAN (E)

                                                           14. CRONICLE (E)

                                                           15. CRONICLE (H)

                                                           16. FRONTLINE

                                                           17. SPARDHA PARIKSHA

                                                           18. YOJANA

                                                           19. KURUKSHETRA

                                                           20. COMPETITION SUCCESS REVIEW (E)

                                                           21. COMPETITION SUCCESS REVIEW (H)



                                                           23. INDIA TODAY (E)

                                                           24. REDEAR DIGEST


NEWSPAPERS:                               01. ECONOMICS TIMES

                                                           02. THE HITVADA (02)

                                                           03. THE TIMES OF INDIA

                                                           04. LOKMAT SAMACHAR

                                                           05. LOKMAT

                                                           06. LOKASATTA


WEEKLY:                                        01. EMPLOYMENT NEWS

                                                           02. ROZGAR NAUKARI SANDARBH




E- Resources

For promotion of ICT driven centre we subscribe various e- resources such as Delnet Database, N-List E Journal Consortium. Through this database we provide online journals and books to our users. Besides this 505 audio visual CDs and DVDs are available in the library.


Special E-Resource:

We have purchased the ABRAR Device for visually impaired students. This device helps to record a complete book and blind students themselves can operate it and can hear it.


Library Schemes:

We serve the information to our Users with the help of various schemes such as Book Bank Scheme, Deposit Scheme, Issue Scheme for Competitive Aspirants, Deposit Scheme for External Students, Research Scholar Scheme and Issue Scheme for Physically Disabled. 


Library Facilities:

We provide the internet facilities to our students and staff. Central Library (CL) has a common spacious reading room. We provide separate reading room for competitive exam study and research. We also give special space to exam oriented readers. CL has an OPAC system to search the books. CL has an Institutional Repository to access the soft copy of syllabus, Paper sets, Magazines etc. CL formed an E-Library to access the e- resources.



Central Library has formed an E-Library with the help of four computers, printer, scanner, headphone and Internet .We have subscribed scholarly database Delnet & N-List E- Journal Consortium as well as two online journals. In addition to that we promote the users to use the Google Scholar, DOAJ, NROER, Khan Academy, E- Learning for Kids etc. Users can watch all the audio visual CDs and academic videos on Youtube. Some information gateways are HINARI, PERI, TEEAL, eIFL, AGORA, PubMed Central, Bioline also serve for research in various field.


Library Activities:

Every year Central Library (CL) conducts some activities such as Orientation, Information Literacy, Book Exhibition, Utkarsh Wall Paper Magazine, Reader Club etc. Some social activities also are conducted by Library such as Girls Empowerment Program.


Library Rules:

  • Only one book will be issued for a period of one week
  • A fee of 1.00/-per day will be imposed for delay in return or renewal of book.
  • The borrower will be responsible for the loss or damage of the book.
  • Before leaving the counter the borrower should point out any mutilation in the book to the librarian, otherwise she/he liable for fine as per rules in force.
  • No mark by pencil or ink shall be made in any book.
  • If a student wants a rarely used book or reserve a book, he/she should fill up the slip before two days. 


Library Award: To inculcate the reading habit among students we distribute the Best Reader of the year Award every year to the Excellent Reader.


Exhibition of Books:




FrontPage Exhibition of the Hitwada Newspaper since 1911:



Orientation for students:




Guest Lectures:


Information Literacy Training for Faculty:


Audio Visual Tutorial Session for Students:

Birth Anniversary of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan :


Girls Empowerment Workshop:





Celebration of 15th Oct (Birth Anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ) as a

Reading Inspiration Day


Distributing Best Reader of the Year Award: