Avishkar-2016 Stage II held on 18th OCT

One day workshop on "Women harassment at workplace" on 27/02/2017

NAAC VISIT 16-17-18/03/2017

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Students of “Rotract Club” of Santaji Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur participated in Nirmalya Collection at Futala Lake on 23rd September, 2018

Department of History

  • “History is a science of all sciences “ – Herodotus
  • History is a part and parcel of human life.
  • History teaches lessons to the coming generations.
  •  Very important subject from competitive examination point of view
  •  Cultural background highlighted.
  •  Foreign Policy of all nations can to be chalked by reviewing its history
  •  History repeats itself. Hence, the knowledge of history is must.

Programmes Offered:

  1.  B.A. – I Introduced in 1971
  2.  B.A. – II Introduced in 1972
  3.  B.A. – III Introduced in 1973